Grand opening of Grbavica sports hall & gym

Mita Group has written another big successful story.

In the company of over 2.000 citizens and numerous attendees, Grbavica Sporting Hall received a grand opening. The sporting facility represents the largest investment made by the Municipality of Novo Sarajevo, as well as a gift and tribute to the citizens of Grbavica on the 20th anniversary of the reintegration of Grbavica. The event was graced by multiple performances made by Mladen Vojičić Tifa, Eldin Huseinbegović, Mirza Šoljanin, Sarajevo Choirs Pantanima and Cadenza, ballet groups Lucca Dance as well as a choir that consists of over 500 primary school students.

The attendees where addressed by BiH Presidency Chairman Bakir Izetbegović, Chairman of the Council Denis Zvizdić, Slovenian Ambassador Iztok Grmek and the Municipality mayor Nedžad Koldžo.