The opening ceremony of ‘Pino Nature Hotel Trebevic’

Advertising Agency, Mita Group, together with one of the leading travel agencies Relax Tours, organized the opening ceremony of ‘Pino Nature Hotel Trebevic’.

Accompanied by numerous media representatives and formal guests, exciting gifts and surprises, a cultural and entertaining program was brought to reality. To complete the look and feel, the event was complemented by hostesses, who on the day were ‘Forest Fairies’, thanks to the most positive advertising agency in BiH.

After 25 years of waiting, Sarajevo has been given its heart back and Trebevic its soul. Situated in the natural beauty of the pine forest, on the grounds of what was once a favorite holiday spot, Hotel ‘Prvi Šumar’. With an area of approximately 3,000 m2, the holiday spot has been given a modern touch.

The building itself is valued at 5 million KM and employees 25 young educated people, whose kindness and professionalism makes every stay even more pleasant than the last.