“Veseli zubići” for even more joyous children’s smiles

Aiming to highlight the importance of dental hygene, our client of a few years, dm, with the assistance of our agency, has organized a competition that requested the participation of elementary schools from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina. The initial intention was to have elementary schools participating with only one drawing, and the drawings were to be made by students of 1st-4th grade.

The competition titled “Veseli zubići” was organized through the application Pro Photo Competition, and very valuable awards have attracted 78 schools from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina  that took part with creative and interesting works of their students. Client’s initial intention was to award five drawings, from five different schools, but, since the application received a great number of exquisite student drawings, the client decided to grant the award to 10 schools. In the following period the awards will be given to the winning schools, and these awards will have a very positive implication on the elementary school students and their community. With this competition dm firmed their position as a socially responsible company and gained trust across the country. Also, teachers, students and elementary school principles all over the country have grown more fond of dm, and to our agency, having all that in mind, it was a great pleasure to give technical and creative support and to administrate this competition that resulted in great success.

The “Veseli zubići” campaign  has provoked great interest and achieved great success, especially when we take into consideration that taking part in this competition required engagement of a larger number of people, and especially of those teachers and students who have submitted the drawings to the competition.

For all of those who like numbers we have a few data to present:
•         12.600 Facebook users spoke about this competition,
•         We have reached 104.260 fans of dm Facebook page,
•         The posts related to the competition have been shared 45 times.
And, at the end, the most significant statistical datum, that we will not present in numbers: We have made numerous students and teachers all around Bosnia and Herzegovina very happy.

Impressive, isn’t it?