‘’Why is my school cool''? Competition

There is a website, which for most of us has become a daily necessity, that website is definitely Facebook. With its presence, new channels of social communication are open; the benefits that come with Facebook have stolen over a billion user’s hearts.

 It is no wonder that Facebook has become one of the most dominant services on the internet. Other than private use, Facebook has become very popular when it comes to promotional business activity. Now days it is very rare to find a business that has not got a Facebook page. By promoting (more or less successfully), their daily activities, informing potential and current buyers about their new offers as well as trying to achieve two-way communication with their customers. According to our own experiences, when fans decide to follow a page they also expect to be rewarded for doing so.

More than 40,000 fans for three days, have over 130,00 individual votes via an application and receive over 85,000 new fans during the running of a competition and all of that vithout advertising, sounds great doesn't it, for many this is an unreachable dream; for many but not for our clients. For the company BH Telecom, mid-November we organized a competition, where the fans had a task of making a video clip no longer than 3 minutes long, explaining to us why their school is cool. We used two applications: first application was used for easy upload of participants’ video clips, the second for the voting system of these video clips. Via this application, participant video clips were displayed, users and fans were able to vote for their favourites as well as share them on their own news feeds.

The goal was to reward 35 schools across the country and to raise awareness for our client and company that regularly organizes socially responsible activities.

280 schools participated in this competition. At the start of the competition, BH Telecom's official page had 139,768 fans, they finished up with 225,699 once the competition came to an end.

They now have a Facebook page with the biggest number of fans within the Bosnian and Herzegovinian telecommunications sector.

If you are in doubt about the appearance of your company on any of the social networks, please don't hesitate to contact us. We know the recipe for success.

After all, don't the figures speak for themselves? :)