Kid's party aka One very serious event

I still remember that day as if it were yesterday. And so came the day when I had to figure out how to make birthday celebration for my child.

Uma goes to third grade and she and her friends already feel very grown up with a lot of «serious» topics to talk about. They read sixth grade books, talk through SMS, braid their hairs, etc. Indoor playgrounds, a rescue to all mums that didn't have space or strength to cater 20 or 25 children, went to history. Birthday parties became an event that require brief with clear inputs. So:

Please provide estimation of costs and creative proposal for following event:

Date: 24.02.2013.
Description: Birthday Party
Target audience: children, 6-10 years of age

Goals of the party:

1.    To organize party at location that is suitable to target audience, but excluding indoor playgrounds (please suggest several proposals)
2.    Suggest interesting and suitable entertainment for all children
3.    Find a cake that birthday girl has envisioned (please give few proposals)
4.    Do not exaggerate due to other children
Budget:  up until 15KM per child. It would be great if we could try to keep at around 10KM per child.

So I became an Event Manager who has approached this tasks with a great experience but totally unaware of its difficultness. My first obstacle was to find adequate location. Is there even such a thing (indoor playgrounds excluded of course). If it was May or June, instead of February, I would make this party in my garden. But in this situation that is out of the question. I even asked my daughter what would she liked and she answered instantly: I would like to go skiing. That completely crushed my hopes that Uma could be of any help.

Hours and days passed by in pursue for something new and interesting. No wonder my boss always calls me “The Splurge” cause my ideas started with renting of location in a well-respected hotel, through apartment in Bjelasnica and finally ended up with an idea of a cinema. I felt relieved. That was it, the perfect location. So I found an address online and sent my request with thorough explanations on nature of event and profile of guests. Their reply came swiftly with a price that almost gave me a heart attack. 

One ticked and popcorns 9,5 KM, their cake 80 KM, juice 3KM, sandwich 3 KM. The Child Animator was poor and if any child orders one drink extra, and we all know that children can drink like a fish, this party will cost me around 400 or 450 KM. But, there was no other way out so I made the reservation in order to finish this once and for all.

All that time one little voice in the back of my mind was saying: You are spending all that money so that children could watch cartoons that they have probably already watched! Uma will hate the birthday cake! People will call you a Splurge! Your good friend is earning each month what you will spend for this one birthday party.

February 19, 2013. It was morning and I was getting ready for work. Uma was still sleaping but I noticed a little dot on her forehead. I kissed her gently and she murmured that her back were scratching. I turned her around to see what’s the problem and I notice ten identical dots on her back. It was chickenpox. 

And so my client has decided to postpone the party, expressed gratitude for my extensive and creative presentation, informed me that the birthday party will be organized at home with family members and cousins who already had chickenpox, that the Mum will make dinner and cake and we would all have wonderful time together.