Avoid Burnout at work Simply and learn how to say NO

I love PR, because people in this industry create amazing stories, almost every day. These stories warm our hearts, especially when we work on socially responsible projects.

Truly, these stories will bring tears in our eyes,  but the satisfaction after the project has a very special charm. It's very nice to hear in some coffee shop that totally strange people, at a nearby table, are talking about the project you have worked on hard. You’re flattered when the media  report your texts written for the client's needs. At the end it's great to get compliments from the client, and much more.

But the most beautiful thing is to find the strength in yourself  to go further,  after each successful story you made,  and with the same passion to start writing a new one, a different, a better one... Therefore, it is important not to lose the sense of reality and never forget that everything can happen to you as well.  We shouldn’t  forget that PR is one of many professions, and that we are the ones who decided to work in it. Sometimes PR will bring to us periods of hard work, disappointments and frustrations, causing  the feeling of burnout at work. Well, this is the moment when we must learn to say NO to the loss of idealism, energy, productivity and smile on our faces. This is the moment when we have to find strength in ourselves and say YES to informal discussions with clients, relaxing coffees with colleagues, playing with children, reading a good book or watching a great movie.

I have to admit that I used to be in this phase, and that I  was anxious with all kind of emotional changes, for which I realized later that they do not belong to my personality. I realised that I didn't want to be torn by it. I accepted the burnout as a stranger who tried to enter without knocking on my door, but luckily, the alarm has sounded and I quickly removed the intruder.  It is vital to quickly clean up the mess caused by the intruder because, already  today I have to devote 100%  of myself  to a great project, which will be remebered and talked about.

As a "Burnout compass" will serve you Freudenberger scale which will determine the level of burnout syndrome. I found it in the article http://www.24sata.hr/pametnakuna/nemojte-cekati-i-izgorjeti-vec-promjenite-nesto-vec-danas-309332
Answer the questions and find out if you have any reason to worry about. I know that I no longer have! :)