When a client tells you a 100x Thank you

After twenty years in this business I often think that I have been through it all, tried out in working for all industries, seen it all and went through almost all client relations.

If we add to it last five years marked by budget cut downs, frequent changes from the clients and constant pitches looking for something new and revolutionary, all the while it's clearly highlighted that the wining agency will be the one with the lowest offer, than it's safe to say that the job I love in our region is starting to look more like agency-agency, client-agency, agency inside agency war. Tired of it, we cut down our structure, reorganized and started looking for clients that will appreciate our knowledge, who will have the same dreams, who believe that good ideas and great things change the world. We were lucky to have our roads cross with Memorial Health Group who is just that kind of client. Open to ideas with broad understandings, in love with what they do, convinced of their quality, willing to support art, culture and creating new values in society. We have worked with them for a long time on a campaign that marked the beginning of their business in B&H. It wasn't a usual pull and tug relationship. It was a relationship based on trust, committed work, support and cooperation of their entire team in order to help us make everything great. And it was, I can proudly say. Last three days the management and the most distinguished professors and surgeons specialized in liver transplantations have stayed in Sarajevo and followed our every instruction. Like one, they all went to scheduled meetings, visited hospitals, held lectures, made media statements and in those rare moments of rest, they've enjoyed in wonders of Bosnian cuisine. And before the concert which delighted everyone present, and was covered live by Hayat TV and TRT and worked as a precisely adjusted clock, we received numerous praises and they stated their delight with the choice of Emir Nuhanović and MITA Group team to carry out this concert. But it was only after the concert that I experienced something that never before did I witness. One by one, everyone from the Memorial Health Group came to me and sincerely thanked me for suggesting them this project. They were honoured for having the opportunity to attend this kind of cultural event and above all to give me their unconditional support. They didn't stop, after u hundred thanks. Instead, they immediately turned on their mobile phones and started calling the rest of the board members, their friends handling marketing in other companies and they personally asked them to help us work on Turkish market. I believe that before the end of this month we'll have our first client in Istanbul, that many doors will open and that we'll write many more successful stories. The emotions are still very high and as far as I am concerned, I can say that even if they didn't pay I would have been overjoyed to have had the chance to work on such project and with client like this one. Thank you to Memorial, thank you to Maestro Emir Nuhanović and thank you to MITA Group team who made me proud!