appssolut on Webit Congress in Istanbul

Webit Congress, one of the leading Congresses in Europe, is currently being held in Istanbul and as the organizers like to say it's the only event that assembles digital, technological and telecom world.

Part of this spectacular digital story is appssolut, world's largest database of Facebook applications, whose partner is developing agency MITA Group.

Numerous experts working in companies like Facebook, as well as the investors from Arab countries who have by showing their interest for appssoluts' team lectures, numerous praises and the willingness to invest money into this project have proven to us that the appssolut platform has without any doubt a bright future.

In case you still didn't, visit us at  and discover all the benefits of using this awesome platform.

Webit Congress assembles around eight thousand participants from more than a hundred countries, two hundred lecturers, more than five hundred accredited journalists, enthusiast of digital world and numerous recognized bloggers.